My cats have gone absolutely wild over your catnip – I will put the toys away when I leave for work, and when I get home, they are scattered throughout the house.

Just got a bag of your "magic kitty grass". I have tried to give my cat catnip products before and she has always acted scared of them, even an "organic catnip stuffed mouse i got from the natural foods store. However, just smelling it through your packaging, she was immediately attentive, and it only took five leaves  for her to become an instant crack addict! After that I put it up and she stalked the shelves and meowed incessantly for a few hours, and now whenever I reach up to get a protein bar and the plastic crunches, she comes running from where ever she was, even out of a dead sleep. So thanks, now I have to try to find a kitty rehab center that won't break the bank.

Thanks for the hours of fun

Got it yesterday, our cat went crazy with it and she usually doesn't respond much to cat nip.

Catnip arrived today. Our two cats are just going nuts (in a good way). It is far more potent than any I have ever bought anywhere else. Good job

100% Natural Catnip

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